Covid-19 Studio Safety Protocols

Buzzy’s is on the Approved Audio Houses/Studios list on the SAG • AFTRA website.

  • It is CLOSED to the public.

  • Private parking is available.
  • All On-Site staff are fully vaccinated.
  • To minimize occupancy, our office staff is working Off-Site.

  • Health Safety notices are posted outside building entrance and throughout the building.

  • Anyone with symptoms associated with Covid-19 may not enter the Facilities.

  • Upon entering the facilities:
    o Hands must be sanitized (75% alcohol hand sanitizer will be available)
    o Complete and Sign SAG-AFTRA Screening survey
    o New Masks will be provided to wear, as required by SAG • AFTRA. (Gloves are available).  Temperature will be checked with a non-contact thermometer.

  • Masks are to be worn at all times. Performers can remove their mask only while inside the Voice Booth.

  • Social/Physical Distancing of 6 feet is required.

  • Hands-Free sanitizer dispensers are in the Voice Booth, Control Room, and hallways etc.

  • Clean pens, pencils and markers are provided.

  • Restrooms are to be occupied by only one (1) person at a time.

  • Only essential personnel are permitted to attend On-Site sessions. Essential personnel include:

    o Our audio Staff
    o (1) Performer
    o (1) Representative from the project (Director/Producer/Rep)
    o (1) Additional project personnel or person accompanying talent, if necessary.

  • Remote connections such as Zoom, Skype, Source Connect, etc. are available.

  • Sessions/Performers will be scheduled with time in-between for cleaning with disinfectants and

    UVC lamps, etc.

  • All HVAC systems are equipped with HyperHEPA filtration ( IQAir NanoMax filters)

Thank you,

Buzzy’s Recording