Covid-19 Studio Safety Protocols

Effective immediately and until further notice, the following have been put in place to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

If you have any symptoms, including coughing and/or running a fever, DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING.

Buzzy’s Recording is the sole occupant of the building and its private, secured parking lot.

We are adhering to guidelines from Federal, state and local authorities to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

  • Social/Physical Distancing is required by all, leaving 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Upon entering the building, everyone is required to use hand sanitizer. There are also Hands-Free sanitizer dispensers in both the Control Room and Voice Booth.
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times, Unless On Mic. Performers can remove mask while inside the Voice Booth. Masks are available, Guests are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Disposable gloves are available upon request.
  • Only essential personnel are permitted to attend On-Site sessions. Essential personnel includes:
    • Our audio staff
    • One (1) Performer
    • One (1) representative from the project (Director/Producer/Rep) OR a person accompanying talent
  • In order to limit personal contact, our office staff is not in the building, they are working offsite.
  • Remote Video and/or Audio connections, such as Source Connect, Skype and/or Zoom can be scheduled to support additional personnel.
  • Restrooms are to be occupied by only one (1) person at a time, with designated stalls for Guests and Staff.
  • Clean pens, pencils and markers are available upon request.
  • Sessions/Performers will be scheduled with time between to disinfect.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Buzzy’s Recording Staff